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March 12, 2023


The meteoric rise of Digital Security Tokens is poised to take the Fintech and Crypto industry by storm. 

The sudden rise of institutional interest in Digital Security Assets and Tokenized Securities can be contributed to two key factors, (i) Larry Fink, BlackRock CEO’s prediction that Security Tokens will be "the next generation for markets" and (ii) the overnight collapse of regulated, so-called ‘crypto-friendly’, banks and unregulated crypto exchanges that caused investors millions in losses.

By offering investors the benefits and high returns of; Web3, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT projects, in the form of a securely structured regulatory compliant Digital Asset, is long overdue. Companies with the foresight to choose Digital Security Tokenization as its investment structure are sure to reap significant rewards in 2023 and beyond as the demand for Digital Security Assets surges.

 “TurnCoin, the world’s first gross revenue-sharing Digital Security Asset, underpinned by the VirtualStaX business model, is perfectly positioned to emerge as a global leader in the space.” says Rudolf Markgraaff, CEO and Founder of TurnCoin.

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