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January 22, 2022


On every corner of the globe, in every industry there are millions of people with a mission and this is to turn their dreams into reality. These people include pro’s and aspiring amateurs. Many of them face the significant problem which is limited funding available to amateurs in their industry. Talent is on every corner of the globe, opportunity however, is not. 

Musicians, athletes, actors and other talented people from various industries often resort to working in areas and industries outside of their expertise due to the lack of funding available to them. This includes talented people from all ages and backgrounds. With sufficient resources available, talented people could have access to benefits like better exposure, equipment, coaching and support among others to take them to the next level in their journey.

Let’s look at Ali Ann. A young girl from South Africa with an incredible talent and passion for golf. The problem, however, is that the entry barriers for golf  are high. Her costs add up quickly with equipment, coaching, clothing, tournament fees, travel costs and membership fees. These types of challenges often hinder millions of individuals from reaching their full potential. VirtualStaX will change that.


VirtualStaX are digital collectibles for talented people, created, bought, stored, redeemed and traded on one platform, the VirtualStaX App. With VirtualStaX, Ali Ann will be able to create 100 000 VirtualStaX and sell them through the VirtualStaX App. 

Talented people represent icons and idols as well as young and up-and-coming talent. They are the athletes, the celebrities, the musicians, the actors, the entrepreneurs, the artists and the widely recognized groups or teams that have achieved or may achieve greatness in their lifetime. Talented people will be given the opportunity to engage with their supporters on TheXchange platform through the VirtualStaX app allowing the supporters to participate in their journey to success.

As the popularity of a talented person grows, due to the person’s success, marketing and promotion, the value of his or her VirtualStaX may increase. TheXchange believes that supporters represent the lifeblood of all Talented People and facilitate their growth and success. Supporters include friends, family members, fans and passionate followers that form part of every talented person’s journey to iconic status. TheXchange recognizes the fundamental importance and value of supporters, which has led to the creation of TheXchange platform which further aims to provide a solution by giving talented people an opportunity to have access to additional funding to uplift their careers and journeys. After a supporter registers on the VirtualStaX app, the supporter will have access to the features of all categories on the platforms, including the ability to locate his or her talented persons of interest, which will provide the supporter with the opportunity to:

- help talented people through monetary support to achieve their career goals that they may not otherwise be able to achieve without funds;

- own VirtualStaX which will give supporters exclusive access to features that would provide them with proximity and exclusivity to the talent they are supporting such as training regimes, private auditions, creative endeavors, and more

Through VirtualStaX, issuers have the ability to offer exciting utility for their supporters and in doing so, increase the desirability of their StaX. VirtualStaX can be used to buy items such as NFTs and merchandise, which further assists the Issuer to fund their career. For example, with her StaX, Ali Ann would be able to offer to her supporters utility such as merchandise and tutorial videos to fund her next tournament or to purchase better golfing equipment. Through VirtualStaX, Ali Ann now has financial support to fund her career as well as more exposure through a global support system. Ali Ann believes in VirtualStaX.

This opportunity is now available to anyone and everyone with a dream. The talented young tennis player in Spain, the aspiring actor in Korea or the up and coming influencer in South Africa. The possibilities are endless with VirtualStaX. Any age, any country, any passion. Now, consider how many talented people there are across the globe? Can you think of someone who could have a more promising career with additional funding?


TheXchange utilizes Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to form a trustless system on which:

- Talented people will have access to a user interface that allows them to design and sell VirtualStaX to supporters and buyers through sales recorded on a blockchain.

- Talented people can sell their StaX on theXchange through the VirtualStaX app to supporters and buyers.

- Supporters and buyers can store and view the current value of the StaX and buy and sell them on the VirtualStaX app.

In addition, and in addressing the stability and shortcomings of the current fungible- and non-fungible token market, a Talented Person’s GPX will strive to act as a form of social proofing on the VirtualStaX app. 

TheXchange’s vision and solution to the problem of limited resources hindering people from reaching their full potential is to create innovative ways for talented people, whether they are established stars or members of the younger generation, to monetize their social media following and overall popularity alongside their talent to allow them to profit from the platform continuously.


TurnCoin is not a Cryptocurrency

TurnCoin is a compliant, revenue-sharing digital security which powers TheXchange platform. TurnCoin is made available through a compliant Securities Offering that generates the capital to; develop, promote and manage VirtualStaX worldwide. By investing in TurnCoin, you are investing in passionate people and their dreams.

TurnCoin is an ERC-20 Digital Security Token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a finite amount of 1 Billion TurnCoin which cannot be increased. Of this 1 Billion, 50% of TurnCoin is tradable, to be distributed to investors, promoters, partners and service providers. The other 50% is non-tradable and permanently locked and owned by TheXchange Group. The purpose of the locked TurnCoin is to finance the ongoing development, management, operations and global expansion of TurnCoin and TheXchange.

TheXchange Platform will derive transactional revenue from every sale and purchase of VirtualStaX. A total of 100% of the gross revenue generated from the transactional fees will be earned by the Company and distributed via Smart Contracts to TurnCoin holders on a monthly basis. The anticipated transactional revenue is as follows:

- 10% of the sales price of a VirtualStaX as a result of a sale on the primary market will be paid by the talented person as a transaction fee to the company.

- 5% of the sales price of a VirtualStaX that is converted to NFT’s will be paid by the talented person as a transaction fee to the company.

- 1% of the gross sales price of VirtualStaX on the secondary market will be paid by the seller to the company.

TurnCoin holders have a perpetual right to share in the global gross revenue of TheXchange through a monthly yield and also benefit from TurnCoin appreciation as TheXchange and VirtualStaX grows and expands globally.

Insanely simple.

This ecosystem is the first of its kind and offers an opportunity to all. Visit the VirtualStaX, TheXchange and TurnCoin websites for more information on the company and to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities. Visit all official social media pages for updates around the company, its operations and the much anticipated App launch in 2022.

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